Student Services

Curriculum Resource Center Services

Borrowing Materials

The Curriculum Resource Center is a division under the Library Program and Services. The primary role of the CRC is support the needs of students, faculty and staff at NMC; therefore all students, faculty and staff can borrow materials using a current NMC card as a library card. The facility is also open to the public/community members for a fee of $10.00. CRC patrons must present a valid student ID and registration slip in order to check out materials from the CRC. Materials circulate as follows:

  • Presentation of a valid student identification card and a registration slip is required in order to check out and renew materials.
  • Students may check out books, kits, games, maps, and posters for 3 weeks.
  • Students may check out DVDs and videos for 2 days.
  • Term of loan for NMC faculty members is one month for books, kits, games, maps, and posters.
  • Faculty may check out DVDs and videos for 3 days.
  • Reference books, periodicals, are for use inside the CRC only.
  • Borrowers are limited to a maximum of 3 items relating to one topic.
  • Borrowers are limited to a maximum of 10 items in circulation. This insures that several people will be able to work on class projects covering similar subject areas.
  • Fines for overdue materials are $.20 per item per day. Failure to receive an overdue notice does not relieve a borrower from the responsibility of returning an item by its due date.
  • The CRC Program Coordinator will assess damaged materials individually. If an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, a processing fee of $15.00 will be added to the value of each item.
  • Each borrower is entirely responsible for any overdue fines, damage assessments, or replacement costs for materials checked out under his or her name.

Computers and Equipment in the CRC

Computer Use Guidelines

  • Computer users must sign in at the circulation desk in order to use a computer.
  • Individual computer users are responsible for all printing. Print only one copy of a document. If multiple copies are needed students should use the copy machine.
  • Computer users may not save documents or download onto the hard drive. This includes downloading music. Any files that are saved to the hard drive will be erased periodically. Users must save their files to a flash-drive, CD, or floppy disk.
  • Computer users may not make any changes to the settings or configuration of the computers.
  • Downloading music is prohibited.

Equipment and Supplies: Xerox machine, electric binding machine, cutting board, laminating machine, Cricut, hole punchers, staplers, glue, tape, and markers, butcher paper, and assorted card stock are available for student and faculty use.

Reference and Research Help at the CRC


The CRC offers reference services via email, telephone, and in person. If you need help locating materials, finding reliable websites, searching databases, or with any general research, please ask! CRC staff is usually available to assist you. Additionally, you can make an appointment for research help with a specific topic, assignment, or subject area.

We are located in the Olympio T. Borja Library, Building O. We are always happy to help! You can also call us at (670) 237-6799.

Instruction for School of Education

The Curriculum Resource Center staff coordinates with instructors in the School of Education to provide instruction about education resources and workshops on specific topics relevant to the curriculum. If you would like to arrange a class orientation for your class, please contact us at (670) 237-6798.

To arrange a tour of the Curriculum Resource Center, call (670) 237-6798.