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About the CRC Collections

The Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) is a unit of Library Programs and Services and is also supported by the School of Education (SOE). The CRC is a special collection that serves the students and faculty of the SOE, which includes the support of the curriculum of the Teacher Preparation Program and the Bachelor's of Science degree in Elementary Education. The CRC makes available a variety of current, high quality instructional materials for grades kindergarten through six, with supplemental materials for pre-school and grades 7-12 when appropriate to the curriculum. Priority for selection is given to those materials that directly support the course work of students in the School of Education. The CRC also makes available materials that are relevant to the teaching profession for personal and professional development.

Books and Materials

The CRC collection of books and materials comprises professional literature, curriculum based materials, and children's literature.

To locate books and materials in the CRC, search the online catalog.

Professional literature is located in the non-fiction section. The materials include books and AV materials that are representative of current educational theory, practices, and general information about the profession of teaching.

Curriculum Based Materials The curriculum based materials, located in the non-fiction section, include elementary school textbooks, curriculum guides, activity books, professional materials, literature for children and young adults, reference books, educational journals and magazines, audio and video cassettes, DVDs, posters, maps, manipulatives, kits, games, and puzzles. Children's Literature

The CRC maintains a collection of children's and young adult literature, with an emphasis on award winning books. The collection reflects other prestigious awards in addition to works that stimulate interest in reading. Easy readers, picture books, and board books help compose the literature collection in the CRC.

Arrangement of the Collections

The majority of the materials in the CRC are shelved by Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers. Because the materials are arranged by LC Call Numbers, when you locate a book on a specific topic, there should be other books on the same or similar topics shelved in the same area. The primary collections in the CRC are the EDUC, LIT, and JUV collections. The EDUC collection is composed of non-fiction materials, including non-fiction children's books. The LIT collection is fiction for young adults (chapter books), and the JUV collection contains books for younger children (primarily grades 3 and under).

Magazines and Journals

The CRC has a small collection of magazines and journals that are available for use within the CRC. The CRC retains one year's worth of back issues. Many magazines and journals relevant to the field of Education and teacher preparation are available through EBSCOhost Databases.

Electronic Resources


  • Ebsco Database -- Access over 4000 full-text journals, including those specific to the field of education, through PREL's subscription to Ebsco. Fiction K-8, which is part of Ebsco, includes information about children's literature.

Please see a CRC staff member for the username and password required to access the above subscription databases.

Websites for Educators

The electronic resources collection also consists of Websites for Educators, which are reviewed and compiled by the CRC Program Coordinator. The websites are categorized by topic, and include several sites for accessing lesson plans and activities in various subject areas.


  • Artcyclopedia--“The Guide to great art on the Internet”
  • Artsedge-- Lessons, how-tos, articles, and more from the Kennedy Center
  • Education at the Getty--Teacher programs and resources from the Getty museum, including A Guide to Building Visual Arts Lessons.

Children's Literature

Education Departments

Exceptional Children

Language Arts

  • EDSITEment-- "The Best of the Humanities on the Web from the National Endowment for the Humanities in partnership with the National Trust for the Humanities." This site includes lesson plans, selected websites, and more.
  • Read Write Think-- Lesson plans, standards, web resources, and student materials
  • National Council of Teachers of English

Lesson Plans & Activities (general)

Local Resources

  • CNMI Public School System-- Links to PSS Human Resources, PRAXIS information, school calendars, and more.
  • Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL)-- “An independent, nonprofit”¦ corporation that serves the educational community in the U.S.-affiliated Pacific islands, the continental United States, and countries throughout the world.”
  • PREL Education Links-- General and teaching online resources that are searchable by topic, geographical area, and type of resource.



Music and Drama

Physical Education

  • PE Central-- “The premier web site for health and physical education.”
  • Physical Education Lesson Plan Page-- Lesson plans submitted by educators in addition to web links and instructions for games that can be played in class.


  • Digital Library for Earth System Education-- Search educational resources by grade level, resource types, collections, and standards.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) -- Choose the “For Educators” link on the left hand side of the web page to access teaching resources and information about space and science.
  • Reach Out Michigan Science Lessons-- Science lessons by subject and grade level from the University of Michigan.
  • SEGway-- Lessons from the Science Education Gateway, which is part of the Center for Science Education at the University of California at Berkeley.
  • USGS Education-- “This website provides links to selected online resources to support education (K-12) and college inquiry and research.”

Social Studies