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Management Courses

MG 206 - Business Communications
3 credits. This course emphasizes the development of both oral and written skills for effective business communication. It covers memo writing, delivering speeches, and making presentations. It also covers practical skills when dealing with supervisors, peers, and subordinates within the office environment. English Placement Level: EN 101.

MG 220 - Applied Math in Business
3 credits. This course provides students with basic mathematical and statistical skills useful in business applications and decision-making. It covers calculation principles in fractions, decimals, and percentages as well as the operational factors of a business such as purchasing, pricing, payroll, and insurance. The student is introduced to the mathematical and statistical concepts of accounting and finance, such as inventory, depreciation, annuities, perpetuities, present value, and the evaluation of financial statements. The student also learns about the calculation of mortgages. English Placement Level: EN 083/084. Math Placement Level: MA 132.

MG 231 - Introduction to Business
3 credits. This course introduces the fundamentals of business organizations, their natures and opportunities. Case analysis and reviews of current international and local business issues provide an understanding of and appreciation for the “real” world of business. English Placement Level: EN 093/094.

MG 232 - Introduction to Marketing
3 credits. This course covers the principles, practices, and concepts involved in the performance of business activities which direct the transfer of goods and the acquisition of services from producer to consumer or user, including the study of marketing functions and institutions, activities having to do with effecting change in ownership and possession of goods and services, and the study of applied economics relating to the creation of time, place, and possession utility. Prerequisite: MG 231. English Placement Level: EN 093/094.

MG 234 - Introduction to Management
3 credits. This course is an overview of management theory that introduces students to various management styles, models, and concepts, and helps them to understand the roles and duties of managers in today’s businesses. Contemporary concepts of streamlined organizations, teamwork, and employee empowerment are emphasized, as well as more traditional hierarchical management methods and organizations. Prerequisite: MG 231. English Placement Level: EN 101.

MG 238 - Business Law
3 credits. This is an introductory course covering contract law, sales, warranties, negotiable instruments, real estate, and business organizations. Emphasis is placed on the practical and legal aspects of doing business in the CNMI and the U.S. English Placement Level: EN 202.

MG 240 - Personnel/Human Resource Management
3 credits. This course is intended to provide students with the skills needed to manage people in the workplace. It includes a review of management theories, interpersonal skills needed for those who are or will be in management positions, and laws and policies that are part of the contemporary workplace. Prerequisite: MG 231. English Placement Level: EN 093/094.

MG 250 - Small Business Management
3 credits. This is a practical course covering planning, record keeping, financial analysis, staffing, and control in operating small business. The course provides an opportunity for students to understand and apply concepts, develop business skills, and evaluate their potential for success in small business. Prerequisites: MG 234 and AC 221. English Placement Level: EN 101.