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Faculty & Staff

Name: Charlotte Reyes-Cepeda
Title(s): Director, School of Education
Instructor, Elementary Education
Degree(s): BS, Elementary Education
MA, International Education
Certification of Proficiency in American Sign Language
Telephone: (670) 237-6751

Name: Belinda Norita
Title(s): Administrative Manager
Telephone: (670) 237-6757

Name: Amanda Angel-Diaz
Title(s): Instructor, Elementary Education
Degree(s): BS in Elementary Education
MA in International Education
Telephone: (670) 237-6574

Name: Rosaline Cepeda
Title(s): Instructor, Elementary Education
Degree(s): MS in Education, Framingham State College
BA in Elementary Education, University of Guam
Telephone: (670) 237-6752

Name: Cherrie Lovejoy
Title(s): Instructor, Early Childhood Education
Degree(s): BA in Elementary Education (with a minor in Early Childhood Education) from Marshall University
MA in Early Childhood Education also from Marshall University
Telephone: (670) 783-0670
(670) 237-6757

Name: Jennifer Maratita
Title(s): Instructor, Rehabilitation & Human Services
Degree(s): MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University
BA in Psychology from Portland State University
AA in Liberal Arts from the Northern Marianas College
Telephone: (670) 237-6751

Name: Roland Merar
Title(s): Instructor, Rehabilitation and Human Services
Degree(s): MA in Educational Leadership, San Diego State University
BS in Secondary Education and Physical Education, University of Guam
Telephone: (670) 237-6756

Name: Dr. Constantine (Dean) Papadopoulos
Title(s): Instructor, Education
Degree(s): BA, Northeastern Illinois University
MA, University of Southern Mississippi
PhD, University of Southern Mississippi
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), Cambridge University, London, England
Telephone: (670) 237-6757