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Want to work part-time while attending NMC?

Student Employee Information

Eligibility requirements

  • Must have a declared major;
  • Enrolled for 6 academic credits or more for Fall or Spring semesters, and 3 credits during the Summer term;
  • Have 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA, (PLEASE NOTE: Departments may require higher GPA, please see Vacancy Announcements at Career Center, Building I.)
  • And must complete the 3 Career Assessments on the Kuder Career Planning System.

Application Process

  1. Before deadline, submit a completed application package to Career Center or download package online (see links for applications/forms below).
    • Updated Resume
    • Application
    • W4 Form
    • Career Center Confidentiality Form
    • NMC class schedule
    • I9 (if hired), visit Career Center
  2. Complete Kuder Journey Career Assessments. Please visit Career Center to make an appointment.
  3. After the process review, your application package will be referred to hiring departments. Hiring departments are responsible for contacting applicants for an interview.
  4. Depending on your eligibility, your application will be referred to hiring departments.
  5. Upon selection, student employees will be given a notification once their application has been processed.

Note: All application package deadlines are two weeks before the first day of classes and are posted at Career Center.

Student Employee Supervisor Information

  • Vacancies for all student employee positions must be submitted to the Career Center two months before deadline.
  • There is a 48 hour processing time for all student employee applications, once selected.
  • Departments can review and select from student applications at the Career Center.
  • Departments must complete “section 3” of the student employment application form for each student employee they wish to hire.

For more information, visit Neda C. Deleon Guerrero in Building I or call (670) 237-6775 or email

Applications/Forms for NMC Workstudy Students: