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Planning, Program Review, and Outcomes Assessment Committee (PROAC)


PROAC is an important part of NMC’s ongoing efforts to improve the quality of instruction and support services through a systematic process of planning and assessment. This Committee is tasked with building and sustaining a campus-wide culture of evidence and shall concern itself with matters relative to accreditation and assessment and with monitoring the fidelity of initiatives and other actions being implemented as recommended through program review, other means of assessment, and as provided in NMC’s strategic plan or other plans generated by the College.

Articles and bylaws establish membership and responsibilities of the organization.

PROAC Committee Members:

  • Ms. Jackie Che - Chair, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Ms. Barbara Merfalen - Dean, Academic Programs and Services
  • Mr. Leo Pangelinan - Dean, Student Services
  • Mr. David J. Attao - Dean, Administration & Resource Development
  • Ms. Tracy Guerrero - Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Bobbi Hunter - Instructor, Business Department
  • Ms. Jennifer Maratita - Instructor, School of Education
  • Ms. Charlotte Cepeda - Instructor, School of Education
  • Mr. Jonathan Liwag - Director, Information Technology
  • Ms. Amanda Allen - Director, Distance Learning Education
  • Mr. Floyd Masga - Staff Senate President
  • Ms. Priscilla Cing Jesusa Palacios - Coordinator, Tinian Instructional Site
  • Mr. Orrin Pharmin - Permanent Proxy for Dave Attao

Minutes from Previous Meetings

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