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College Council


The College Council is the recognized shared governance structure for the College that serves as the primary advisory body to the President on issues related to the ongoing operations of the College. The College Council’s membership is representative of all constituencies of the College.

Further, the College Council in keeping with the Board Policy for shared governance shall:

  • ensure that the different constituencies of the College Community participate in the development of revised and/or new policies for review and action by the Board.
  • ensure that the different constituencies of the College Community participate in the development of administrative procedures for the President’s action.

And in keeping with the direction of the President for shared governance, the College Council shall:

  • ensure that appropriate members of the College community participate in the development of annual budgets, annual strategic plans, new programs and services, and major facilities planning prior to adoption by college officials.
  • ensure that all members of the college community have access to information regarding ongoing developments and issues and that there is an open forum for full participation in decision-making of areas defined under the Board and CNMI policy, as well as administratively and mutually agreed shared governance matters.

Responsibility. Through the member’s own individual contributions and by representing their constituencies, the College Council shall serve to advise the President on matters relative but not limited to:

  • Policy and administrative procedures formulation and revision
  • Problem identification, analysis and resolution
  • Process review
  • Information collection and distribution
  • Institutional planning and assessment
  • Management and allocation of resources
  • Budgeting and allocation of resources
  • Academic programs: new, closure, and inactive status
  • Accreditation and Self-Study
  • Physical and technological resources

The College Council is the umbrella organization for all other bodies of the College and also serves as the coordinating body for receiving and sharing information from and among the constituencies and the President.

The College Council may also review matters brought to the agenda by the President or any other council, committee, working group, or task force.

College Council Members:

  • Mr. Roy Greenland - College Council Chair, Faculty Representative appointed by Faculty Senate (School of Education)
  • Mr. Leo Pangelinan - College Council Vice-Chair (Dean of Student Services)
  • Ms. Shirley Blas - College Council Secretary, Staff Senate Member (Academic Programs and Services, Business Department)
  • Mr. Chris Timmons - Manager, Human Resource Office
  • Mr. Ross Manglona - Director of Cooperative Research Extension and Education Service
  • Mr. Romeo Cuellar - Faculty Representative (Counselor, Counseling Programs and Services)
  • Mr. Kyle Podziewski - Faculty Representative (Instructor, School of Education)
  • Ms. Marie Coleman - Staff Representative (President, Staff Senate - Finance Office)
  • Mr. Daniel Kintol - Staff Representative (Vice President, Staff Senate - Student Services)
  • Vacant - Associated Students of NMC Representative
  • Mr. Eldred Sanchez - Senator (Associated Students of NMC)

Minutes from Previous Meetings

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